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Renee Owley

Content Strategy Associate

Renee’s work at Anthro-Tech includes creating intuitive information architectures, planning, running, and analyzing tree tests and card sorts, and helping clients create and implement content style guides. She loves taking complex content riddled with jargon and turning it into something users can easily read, understand, and use.

Have you ever read something online and said to yourself, “What did I just read?!” I love that I get to fix that for people.

Renee received Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and Writing Studies from The University of Washington Tacoma, and hopes to start working toward her Masters degree soon. Outside of work, Renee enjoys movies and reading (particularly science fiction and horror), gardening, crafts, eating French fries, and spending time with her three cats.. She and her husband Matt love all their Seattle sports teams and everything about living in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.