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Karma Dussault

Proposal Coordinator

Karma excels in proposal coordination, helping to define the company’s vision, guidelines, and financial framework for each proposal. Karma manages the entire proposal lifecycle, ensuring successful pursuits and acquisitions of RFPs from government, non-profit, and corporate clients. Her favorite aspect of the job is collaborating with diverse teams to bring a proposal to life.

The thing I love about proposals is that they are always different, so I get to work with different people in each one. I love how everyone comes together to complete a proposal and make it stand out.

In her role, Karma is responsible for vetting opportunities, researching customer acquisition targets, developing win themes and strategies, managing proposal processes, and writing and editing content. She ensures compliance, aligns budgets, manages the proposal library, and facilitates connections with contractors and vendors.

Outside of work, Karma enjoys summer days by the pool, socializing with friends, traveling to new cities, trying new foods, and cooking. She volunteers at her local food bank and women’s shelter. In her downtime, she cherishes moments with her cats, watching movies or new TV shows.