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Christopher Cabrall

User Experience Researcher

Christopher is a User Experience (UX) researcher with a background in human automation interaction and system integration. As a seasoned practitioner with over a decade of experience, he is an expert in Human-Centered Design research including user interviews, surveys, A/B experiments, and usability testing. Christopher enjoys taking a data-driven and goal-oriented approach towards understanding how users interact with products and services offered by all kinds of organizations. He likes to leverage user research to help challenge assumptions, mitigate pain points, and identify new opportunities.

I look forward to treating each research participant like an opportunity to make a new friend, to learn interesting things about, and to advocate for.

His education in human factors engineering and the cognitive sciences (psychology, linguistics, and computer programming) supports his work with a solid foundation of human thought and behavior theory in areas such as attention, situation awareness, decision making, communication, and embodied cognition.

Outside of work, Christopher enjoys playing recreational league ice hockey, exploring off-leash dog open spaces, and dreaming of driving a motorcycle again.