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James Kleeburg

User Experience Designer

James discovered his passion for experiential design through fine dining and the hospitality industry where he spent nearly ten years creating thoughtful and unique experiences for guests from all over the world. That passion propelled him through a BFA in user experience design from the University of Idaho, where he also studied fine art and graphic design.

At Anthro-Tech, I’m more confident in the quality and impact of my work because I know it’s driven by our expert teams of researchers and content strategists, a luxury I haven’t had elsewhere in my career.

James delivers results for many local and statewide clients as both a visual designer and experiential designer. Before working with Anthro-Tech, James maintained a freelance art and design practice and worked as a UX designer for Amazon Web Services (AWS) for OpenSearch, a novel, open-source, developer tool combining database management, data security, and data visualization.

When James is off the clock, you're likely to find him cooking ambitious meals for friends and listening to records, or at his art studio in South Seattle where he builds and restores high-end audio equipment among other messy hobbies.