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Daniel Le Compte

User Experience Researcher

In UX Research, Daniel plays a connection role between users and product teams. He believes that there is power in understanding the stories and experiences of users and using that information to create innovative and transformative experiences. With a background in social cognition research from Eastern Washington University and a training in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) practices from Carnegie Mellon University, he is skilled at addressing ambiguous problem spaces and driving actionable plans in collaboration with design teams. Constantly trying to grapple with the complexity of humans, he is passionate about diving into messy data and using it to drive social-impact projects.

Human-Centered Design enables me to improve people’s lives by making websites more usable and accessible.

Before joining Anthro-Tech, Daniel conducted research in understanding how to motivate and empower grassroots organizations, understanding how social activists use TikTok, and participated in a communication project for astronauts going to Mars in the future.

At Anthro-Tech, Daniel works with clients to take their research questions into a tangible format: a research plan aimed at collecting actionable data and insights. He plays a key role in ensuring participants are treated fairly and with dignity. He also ensures that companies receive information that is useful to them while maintaining the richness of user experiences and challenges.

In his spare time, Daniel enjoys live music of all kinds, but in particular, EDM. Between concerts and a hobby of creating 3D and generative visuals, it is a scene of comfort and enjoyment for him. And, you can't mention hobbies in the Pacific Northwest without mentioning hiking! Ask him for his favorite 360-degree peaks within 90 minutes of Seattle, you won't regret it!