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Scott Boyd

Director of Operations

As Director of Operations, Scott is committed to overseeing a well-run business. He’s passionate about Anthro-Tech’s purpose of building a great business that makes things better for people. He works at growing a solid team and culture. He handles finance, contracts, HR, IT, facilities, and compliance.

Building a great business that makes things better for people drives us to run a tight ship around here.

Scott is a humble behind-the-scenes guy who takes pride in playing a role in bootstrapping Anthro-Tech into a consistently profitable and growing business. He brings a long-term focus and believes he is charged as a steward of the business, its client relationships, and our smart and inspired team. Scott earned his MBA from Seattle University with an emphasis on Leadership Formation and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Western Washington University.

Outside of Anthro-Tech, Scott’s a grateful family man with three kids. They keep him humble. He loves reading, plotting travel adventures, and fixing up old houses.

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