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Christine Coughlan

Director Of Content Strategy

Known for being a systems thinker that’s always spotting relevant patterns, Chris brings her problem-solving skills to Anthro-Tech as the Director of Content Strategy. Her ability to see the full picture while also understanding the minute details allows her to structure content and architect systems that compel the customer to act. She has over 10 years of experience in UX design and content strategy working with a variety of clients in the nonprofit and government sectors, as well as pharmaceuticals and fintech. She is passionate about using content to connect with people and help them understand complex ideas. She is also a strong advocate for cross-discipline collaboration in the workplace.

I'm always impressed with how my colleagues come together to bring their unique discipline-specific perspective while focusing on the shared vision of our partners and the best solution for their customers.

Believing that the best experiences go beyond content on a page to a meaningful, highly effective conversation, Chris loves the challenge of balancing the needs and motivations of customers with an organization’s strategic goals. She is responsible for leading the strategic direction of our client’s products and services by tackling customer and industry research, information architecture, customer journey, content modeling, content creation workflow, wireframing, and the narratives for data visualizations.

Outside of work, Chris is passionate about traveling and sampling the local cuisine. As an avid sewer, she opened Pineapple Shack Crafts to spread the joy of using quality handmade goods in the kitchen. She also enjoys hiking, camping, and volunteering with the Colorado Drupal Association.