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Mandy Cabellon

User Experience Researcher

As a User Experience Researcher, Mandy combines quantitative with qualitative research to form a mixed methodology, and holistic approach to help organizations provide an exceptional user experience. She excels at finding gaps and additional research opportunities to further business strategies. Mandy is passionate about conducting research that solves current problems, prevents future problems, and identifies how to make better design decisions for organizations’ products and services.

At Anthro-Tech, I’m able to discover problem areas that are not visible to the client and provide actionable recommendations to improve their products.

Mandy has a bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Washington Tacoma. She is enjoys studying human behaviors, focusing especially on the "what" and "why's." With this, she successfully integrates psychology into a holistic user experience approach. Outside of work, you can find Mandy dancing, tending to her houseplants, playing a game on her Nintendo Switch, or creating something fun and artsy. She also enjoys hanging out with friends and family or huddling under the covers to watch a movie or show.