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Wendy Littman

Senior User Experience Researcher

Wendy is a versatile user experience (UX) researcher and strategist who is passionate about helping teams find simple, creative solutions that achieve better outcomes. Curious, patient, and collaborative, Wendy particularly enjoys introducing organizations to the art and science of good design through data-driven decision making and coaching those who are new to UX as they learn the ropes.

I find it deeply rewarding to work with organizations that have a social impact mission, and especially appreciate the enthusiasm that my clients - without exception - bring to our collaboration together.

Wendy acquired a Bachelor’s Degrees in Geology and English from Amherst College. She also holds a Master’s Degree in Geology from the University of Colorado, where she researched climate change and became interested in the role research can play in affecting societal decision making. This interest led her into energy efficiency and renewable energy communications for the Department of Energy, where she spent over a decade leading digital projects and started a UX initiative. She went on to TecEd, where she did UX research for non-profit and for-profit organizations, and eventually returned to federal consulting where she spent almost seven years building a UX practice at the Department of Treasury’s Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau.

In Wendy’s spare time, you can find her putting her research skills to use planning trips to remote locations in the desert Southwest, practicing karate, mountain biking, collecting cool nature stuff (mainly rocks and shells) or spending time with family and friends.