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Mary Beth Merrick

User Experience Researcher

Mary Beth, or MB, is a mixed methods researcher with a background in design, business, and strategy. She is passionate about creating products and services that help improve the lives of others and make the world a more equitable place.

As a User Experience Researcher at Anthro-Tech, MB helps non-profits and government agencies improve their customer experiences through a variety of methods such as heuristic evaluations, user interviews, usability testing, and survey design. In addition to conducting research, MB facilitates workshops geared towards furthering clients’ knowledge of Human-Centered Design.

One of my favorite things about Anthro-Tech is my co-workers — we all come from different backgrounds with unique specializations and we’re able to learn and grow from each other.

Prior to her role with Anthro-Tech, MB spent time in the tech industry managing usability benchmarking research and improving Voice of the Customer programs. Before pivoting to user research, she was a consultant for a branding and trend forecasting agency and held various internships as an industrial designer. There's even a small chance you may have sat on some custom furniture or used a bike lock designed by her!

When she's not discovering the needs of customers, MB spends her time putting her industrial design degree to work by building furniture or finishing projects around her home. She also loves to travel, read, and hang out with her very large cat (his name is Goose, you'll probably see him make an appearance on a video call).