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Ada Zhou

User Experience Researcher

Ada is a User Experience Researcher who is passionate about conducting research to improve key services, products, and processes for all. She found the field of user research through combining her love of stories, design, and analysis. Ada is skilled in identifying research questions, conducting user interviews, uncovering insights with affinity diagramming, and working with cross-functional teams. Previously, Ada worked at the intersections of public service, technology, and research. She was selected as a Civic Innovation Corp Fellow working to improve California services with design and technology. Ada has also co-led a National Science Foundation-funded initiative connecting academic researchers with governments to work on collaborative projects tackling community needs.

At Anthro-Tech I delve into complex systems and processes to uncover opportunities for increased accessibility and usability.

Recently, she has been reading and watching a lot of stories focused on identity formation and community-building. You can find her talking her friend's ears off about the incredible films/comics/books/theater/poetry she's recently seen. Since the dawn of time, she has been trying to start a band and learn the bass guitar.