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Angie Tyus

Organizational Change Manager

Angie is a change management professional passionate about supporting people through change. She believes that you can impact performance by nurturing the people side of change. Her career kickstarted in education, but a golden opportunity to contribute to a district-wide curriculum implementation ignited her transition into change management and communications. She's since worn many hats in diverse industries, from government to aviation and business consulting. Angie's commitment to growth led her to earn a Master's of Education in Instructional Design & Technology.

I am passionate about driving positive change and creating a lasting impact on both organizations and individuals

As an Organizational Change Manager at A-T, Angie is excited to utilize her experience to help lead change through human-centered design. What she finds most fulfilling at A-T is the collaborative spirit between clients and her team to ensure smooth transitions.

Angie enjoys spending time with her family and friends and prefers a Columbian cup of coffee to start her mornings. She also likes to go to the gym and watch game show competitions after a long day at work. On weekends, she can be found browsing through the beauty and home sections at Target and Home Goods.