Taylor Collins

Director of User Experience Design

Taylor B

Taylor Collins

Director of User Experience Design

  • 360-584-9151
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  • User Experience Design Immersive, General Assembly, Seattle, WA, 2018
  • Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising, Associates of Arts in Graphic Design, San Francisco, California, 2007-2009

A problem solver and systems thinker, Taylor is a user experience designer who creates exceptional digital experiences anchored in user research and needs. Taylor is not only a designer, but a Human-Centered Design (HCD) coach, guiding our clients through making data-driven and human-centered products, services, and experiences.

A California native, Taylor studied graphic design at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising (FIDM), web development at San Francisco City College, user experience at General Assembly and has worked in digital experience consulting since 2013 at various agencies in California and Washington.

Taylor enjoys learning how things work, inside and outside of work. Some of her latest hobbies include pottery, permaculture, and herbalism.

Path that led you to UX

I came into UX from the creative side. I took a photography class in high school where I learned Photoshop. I immediately started a side-hustle creating posters and flyers for various events and bands. After being a print designer, I got hungry for more meaningful design work and transitioned to User-Centered Design as I learned how to make websites.

Your style

I’m a firm believer that good design is invisible, yet enjoyment is not. I work to create effortless product experiences that have meaning as they facilitate the user doing what they came to do.

What you ultimately want to accomplish

I want to make everyone’s life easier. I want there to be less unnecessary friction in the world so that everyone can focus on what is meaningful and needs their attention.

Your idea of happiness

Being deep in nature where I can hear birds chirping, animals & leaves rustling, and water flowing.

Alternative universe career(s)

Product jingle writer or medicine woman.

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