Suzanne Boyd

Founder & CEO


Suzanne Boyd

Founder & CEO

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Suzanne Boyd is Founder and CEO of Anthro-Tech, a human-centered design consultancy. With a focus on government agencies, nonprofits, and enterprises with a social impact mission, Suzanne and her team help organizations understand their customers and design products and services that are usable, accessible, and make a positive impact on people’s every-day lives.

As a trusted advisor, Suzanne has a proven track record of helping leaders to improve customer experiences and shift organizations towards customer-centric processes and cultures. She is an expert in institutionalizing human-centered design, cross-channel customer experience, and digital transformation.

Over the past 25 years, Suzanne and her team at Anthro-Tech have partnered with numerous organizations to transform how they engage their customers, including dozens of state, local, and federal government organizations, global foundations, and fortune 500 clients. Suzanne is dedicated to reshaping problem-solving approaches, ensuring technology and innovation serve the greater good. Creating inclusive, accessible, and empowering products and services inspires her.

In addition to her entrepreneurial role, Suzanne is an Assistant Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington in the Human-Centered Design & Engineering Master’s Program. Since 2001, she has shared her insights and passion teaching the next generation of innovators and designers.

Outside of work, Suzanne is a huge fan of family travel adventures, Dutch cheese, and listening to her favorite artist “the BOSS” - Bruce Springsteen.

Work of which you're most proud

Leading our smart and inspiring team at Anthro-Tech. We share a passion for creating user-experiences that make the world a better place.

Biggest influences

Parents, World Travels, Family

Your style

Classic, patient, tenacious

Favorite artist

The Boss - Bruce Springsteen


Give and you will receive

Favorite place in the world

Wherever my husband and 3 kids are

Can't live without

Family, coffee and cheese

What have you learned

That I'll never stop learning

Strength Finder Top 5 themes

Futuristic, self-assurance, responsibility, relator, activator


Kerkrade, The Netherlands

Alternative universe career

International Spy

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