Camy Naasz

Senior User-Centered Design Manager


Camy Naasz

Senior User-Centered Design Manager

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Camy is a big picture strategist who loves making the complex seem simple and the weird feel like common sense. She received her Bachelor of Science degree from Virginia Tech in Business IT, where she learned to imagine and build decision support systems. She is also a Certified Yoga Teacher.

With experience in business, technical programming, user-centered design, and yoga, Camy is a skilled communicator who facilitates shared understanding across diverse teams and various audiences. She can effectively translate business requirements for developers and technical requirements for business people. Her passion, however, is her detailed, creative, and friendly approach to user research and innovation.

Camy enjoys being outside as much as possible, spending time with her dogs, and making music. Though not a practicing yoga teacher, she appreciates opportunities to share yoga stretches, practices, and wisdom with her friends and co-workers.

First Creative Memory

Decorating for Christmas for me growing up was all about construction paper, tape, and tinsel. There were so many homemade ornaments and decorations, we filled two trees!

Path That Lead You To User Experience

While working in a WA State office to help minority and women owned businesses, I was asked to serve on a state-wide initiative to create an online business portal, to make it easier to do business in Washington State. It was from that exposure that my passion for continuous process improvements merged with my abilities to relate to and communicate with others, and a UX'er (user experience designer) was born.

Biggest Influences

My biggest influences are people who aren't afraid to be true to themselves and honest with others, will allow a reasonable argument to change their opinion or belief, and are willing to work hard.

Your Style

I am laid back and flexible. I like to keep things light and funny. I always do my best.


Multi-tasking is for suckers. Embrace contradictions

Can't Live Without

My dogs bring so much happiness to my life, I can't imagine living without a pet.

What Have You Learned

If your boss asks you to do something that's within your ability to do, but not part of your current job: say yes. You never know what new opportunities for career and personal growth will result.

Strength Finder Top 5 themes

  1. Relator
  2. Connectedness
  3. Positivity
  4. Achiever
  5. Consistency


Split time between Columbia, MD and Kimball, SD

Alternative Universe Career(s)

Musician, Architect, or Meteorologist

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