Alexis Church

Marketing Specialist

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Alexis Church

Marketing Specialist

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Alexis is passionate about building impactful content programs for organizations of all types. As Anthro-Tech’s marketing specialist, she evolves content marketing processes, investigates buyer personas, copywrites, and executes content calendars. Alexis also manages projects, collaborating with stakeholders across organizational levels to build content and marketing programs.

Her interest in storytelling and organizations led her to complete both a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Culture and a Master of Business Administration from Clark University in Massachusetts. Alexis' previous work includes four years of marketing experience at professional service firms, ranging from building content programs to strategizing with clients on their digital presence and managing marketing campaigns.

Outside of the office, you can find Alexis walking her Basset Hound, Bella, or cooking dinner with friends. Her love of learning a good story drives her to read books and travel to discover other people's experiences.

Biggest influences

Arundhati Roy and E.B. White

Biggest fear

Not finishing my book pile. It is always growing.

What defines you

My family, my friends, and the places I’ve been to.

Favorite place in the world

Tarifa, Spain or Costco on sample day.

Your idea of happiness

A baseball game in September, where you can still smell the fresh-cut grass on the field, but the night gets crisp as you near the 9th inning.

Strength finder top 5 themes

Versatile, Intuitional, Collaborative, Strategic, Efficient

Alternative universe career

I would have been a truck driver, collecting stories along my routes.

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