Advancing user-centered design to inspire organizational change.

The Anthro-Tech Team

Individually, we each bring years of diverse experience designing, evaluating and deploying products and services across a wide range of sectors. Collectively, we share a common philosophy that drives our proven approach as consultants. Learn about the experts advancing user-centered design to inspire organizational change.

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    Suzanne Boyd

  2. bio-jennygA bio-jennygB

    Jenny Greeve

  3. bio-laniA bio-laniB

    Lani Hathaway

  4. Bio Tori A Bio Tori B

    Tori Leonard

  5. bio-camynA bio-camynB

    Camy Naasz

  6. Bio Mel A Bio Mel B

    Melanie Penney

  7. bio-laurasA bio-laurasB

    Laura Schlenke

  8. bio-brandonA bio-brandonB

    Brandon Rosage

  9. bio-tomrA bio-tomrB

    Tom Ryle

  10. bio-kellysA bio-kellysB

    Kelly Staikos

  11. bio-scottbA bio-scottbB

    Scott Boyd