Scott Boyd

Director of Operations


Scott Boyd

Director of Operations

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As Director of Operations, Scott is committed to overseeing a well-run business. He seeks out interesting and impactful projects. He works at growing a solid team and culture. He handles contracts, finance, business development, facilities, compliance and staffing.

Scott is a humble behind-the-scenes guy who takes pride in playing a role in bootstrapping Anthro-Tech into a consistently profitable and growing business. He brings a long-term focus and believes he is charged as a steward of the business, its client relationships, and our smart and inspired team. Scott earned his MBA degree from Seattle University with an emphasis on Leadership Formation and a Bachelor’s degree in English from Western Washington University.

Outside of Anthro-Tech, Scott’s a grateful family man with three kids. He spends all kinds of time watching girls volleyball, attending musical recitals, and trying to see how smart his border collie is.


Mountainside, New Jersey

Alternative universe careers

Working musician, television writer, real estate genius.

What you ultimately want to accomplish at Anthro-Tech

Evolve our small giant of a company into an enduring and impactful firm loved by clients and team.

Strength Finder Top 5 Themes

Ideation, Intellection, Developer, Deliberative, Empathy

Favorite Artists

I have a soft spot for independent and self-made stories like Ani DiFranco, Macklemore, Steve Martin.

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