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Learn the content creation fundamentals that will propel your organization forward by meeting user needs and your business goals


Enroll in our Writing for the Web Workshop

Writing for the Web DES

September 19, 2019 | 8:00am—4:30pm

Course 01-03-EW44

Department of Enterprise Services 1500 Jefferson St. SE Olympia, WA 98501

Web content can be tricky, especially for complex government websites with diverse audiences and multiple content contributors. Perhaps you have long, scrolling pages that feel overwhelming. Or maybe your site sounds like it’s been written by a dozen different people instead of having one, unified voice. It’s possible you can’t put your finger on what isn’t working but you know your web content can be better. You’re not alone.

Even if you’ve been developing web content for years, a fresh perspective can help you think more holistically about digital products. Content is part of the user experience: It’s the reason your visitors are coming to your site. Will your users find what they need? Will they understand it? Our hands-on, interactive course will help you focus your content on your site visitor. We’ll teach you to:

  • Develop content that meets your business goals while serving your audience’s tasks
  • Edit to focus on your key messaging and task-based priorities
  • Write multipurpose, cross-channel content with a consistent voice and tone
  • Adhere to plain language best practices
  • Optimize headings, subheadings, and body text for search engines
  • Organize content to accommodate evolving screen widths and technology platforms
  • Ensure your website meets state and federal accessibility standards

You’ll be immersed in interactive activities, gaining hands-on experience with the concepts presented throughout the day. One person’s web content struggles are often shared by others, so we encourage an open dialogue so you can walk away feeling confident in how best to move your web content to the next level.

A-T content strategist Misty Weaver teaches a Writing for the Web workshop.

Who can attend?

This course is open to all state agencies, city, county, and other public entity employees.

How to register

Public Sector Agencies & Higher Education

If you aren’t part of the Washington State Learning Management System, use this online form to submit your training registration request. If you’re unsure of your organization’s status, contact your training representative or call (360) 664-1921.

State Agencies

Please contact your agency training representative to register. To find your agency training representative, call (360) 664-1921 or email DES.

Employees who are allowed to self-register for trainings may use the state Learning Management System.

Not a Washington State or public agency employee?

Don’t worry, we offer customized Writing for the Web trainings for interested organizations. These sessions leverage examples from your website, creating a seamless connection between the lessons we teach and the content on your site. Please contact us for details about this customized training option.

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