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Join us Wednesday, Oct. 11 for Writing for the Web.

Improve your web content. Your audience will thank you.

Web content can be tricky, especially for complex websites with diverse audiences and multiple content contributors. You think you’ve got a handle on it and then one day, you look at your site and wonder: “How did we get here?” Perhaps there are long, scrolling pages that feel overwhelming. Or maybe your site sounds like it’s been written by a million different different people instead of one, unified voice. It’s possible that you can’t put your finger on what isn’t working but you know your web content can be better.

Trust us. You’re not alone.

Anthro-Tech Course: Writing for the Web

Join us for Writing for the Web on Wednesday, Oct. 11

Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES)
1500 Jefferson St. SE
Olympia, WA 98501
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This one-day, practical Plain Talk course leverages the principles taught by world-renowned content leader, Ginny Redish. You’ll learn to think about your content in new ways so you can create a meaningful, effective conversation with your audience(s).

Who can attend?

This course is open to all state agencies, city, county, and other public entity employees. If you write or edit web content – or if you lead a team of web writers – Writing for the Web will help you improve your web content and take it to the next level. 

What will I learn?

Web writing is a skill. Even if you’ve been doing it for years, it’s surprising how a fresh perspective can help you tune up some of your sentences and overall content ordering. In this course, you will practice focusing your content on your site visitor. 

Our hands-on activities will teach you to:

  • Select and order content to support your audience’s needs
  • Organize your content for skimming and scanning
  • Write effective, relevant headlines
  • Write content in a conversational style
  • Use lists, graphics, and tables appropriately
  • Incorporate best practices for spacing and font selection

What should I expect?

We won’t waste your time in a lecture-style environment. You’ll be immersed in interactive activities, gaining hands-on experience with the concepts presented throughout the day. Your questions and comments will be welcomed and appreciated! One person’s web content struggles are often shared by others so we encourage an open dialogue so you can walk away feeling confident in how best to move your web content to the next level.

What are attendees saying?

Best course I've taken as a state employee!”

"As a new employee just starting to work on the website for my agency, I am now able to see solutions to many of the issues that we have. I think that this will help my career development in communications, as well."

“The course does a good job of balancing different levels of participation, good examples, and visuals. This makes the class seem more 'hip' or relevant.”

“Great job on incorporating interactive activities with the presentation.”

“The information is applicable. [I was] able to stay engaged.”

“I can’t wait to use some of the ideas to update my [web] page!”

"This type of course would be good for any technical staff that occasionally puts content together for the web."

How do I sign up?

View the course description, learn how to register, and sign-up today.

What if I’m not a Washington State or public agency employee?

Don't fret! While the session is scheduled through the Washington DES training catalog, we do offer customized Writing for the Web trainings for interested organizations. These sessions leverage examples from your website, creating a seamless connection between the lessons we teach and the content on your site. It’s a fun way to align your content authors as a team so everyone is facing the same direction when it comes to your site’s style and voice. Please contact us for details about this customized training option.

Why do you teach this course?

At Anthro-Tech, we’re obsessed with making things better. And yes, this includes content! As a team, we have a depth of experience creating, evaluating, and iterating experiences through the user-centered design process and content is part of the user experience. It’s the reason your visitors are coming to your site – which is why it can be a scary thing! Will people find what they need? Will they understand it? This is really important stuff. 

We want to help you gain a mastery over your web content. When you feel empowered to connect with your audience in engaging and meaningful ways – we all breathe a little easier. At least we do. It’s part of that whole “making things better” obsession. 

We hope you’ll join us in our content improvement crusade on Oct. 11.

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