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User Experience Researcher, Jeff Nicklas Joins Anthro-Tech

Join us in welcoming Jeff Nicklas, User Experience Researcher to the Anthro-Tech team!

Jeff is a sociologist and user researcher passionate about utilizing technologies to improve people's health and care. He draws on qualitative and ethnographic methods to understand and incorporate people's lived experiences in user-centered research to improve technologies, systems, and organizations. At Anthro-Tech, Jeff is responsible for collecting and analyzing user input and feedback for our clients to ensure their products and services align with customer needs.

Jeff entered the UX industry through multiple ethnographic research projects within healthcare organizations. These projects exposed Jeff to the many ways clinicians, staff, and patients rely daily on technologies. This motivated him to engage in user research towards social impacts within the industry and expand that to new sectors.

Prior to joining Anthro-Tech, Jeff was a games user researcher at PlayStation where he drew on qualitative and quantitative methods to support game studios throughout the development process. He also worked as a qualitative health researcher at the Veteran's Health Administration examining user experiences and the multiple uses of the My HealtheVet patient portal and other e-health tools.

Jeff is currently finishing his PhD in Sociology at the University of California, San Francisco. His dissertation explores how video games may act as everyday spaces to explore relationships to mental health as players encounter video games that tell stories and contain content about mental health. Outside of work, Jeff, perhaps unsurprisingly, enjoys playing video games, hiking through redwood forests with his wife, binging TV on the couch with his two cats, and scuba diving.

Please join us in welcoming Jeff to the team!


Connect with Jeff on LinkedIn!

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