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User Experience Research Associate, Rachel Romero, Joins A-T

We are pleased to welcome Rachel Romero, User Experience Research Associate, to Anthro-Tech!

Rachel is a user researcher passionate about creating digital and physical experiences that are accessible and intuitive for all. She conducts qualitative and quantitative research to help organizations identify how to make better design decisions centered around their customer.

Through her education and career, Rachel developed extensive experience in sociology, occupational therapy, and Human-Centered Design. Curious about human behavior, she incorporates her careful observation skills, empathy, active listening, and research skills to understand the needs of our clients and their customers to improve their experience with products and services.

Rachel is passionate about understanding others and enjoys working at the intersection of research, design, and psychology. Motivated by social impact work, she realizes the value in providing UX services that make people’s lives better by providing better solutions to customers.

In her spare time, Rachel enjoys traveling, trying local food, and spending time with family and friends.

Please join us in welcoming Rachel to the team!

Connect with Rachele on LinkedIn!

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