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Welcome Lisa Grega, User Experience Research Associate to A-T

We are pleased to welcome Lisa Grega, User Experience Research Associate, to Anthro-Tech!

Lisa is a User Experience Researcher who is passionate about social impact work and immersing herself into new worlds and experiences. Using a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, she uncovers customer insights, needs, and motivations to make our clients’ products and services more intuitive and enjoyable. With a cognitive science background, she brings an interdisciplinary approach and explores problems from multiple perspectives and scales.

Lisa has always been drawn to understanding people. Through her course work, she discovered that people’s lives can be improved by conducting user experience research and applying that to real life situations such as designing a website or the offering of a service. When you know what the customer wants, the solution becomes easier to design.

From her involvement in healthcare and tech, she learned that human-centered research can serve to benefit any industry, especially the social impact space. Now at Anthro-Tech, she is committed to ensuring that customers are heard in any government agency, nonprofit, and social impact enterprise – and that their designed solutions reflect that.

Outside of work, you can find Lisa experimenting with baking recipes, going thrift shopping, zoning out to an album, or hanging out with her cat. She recently has been trying out journaling, and as a result, has become a bit of a paper scrap collector.

Please join us in welcoming Lisa to the team!


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