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Rebecca Phillips, UX Research Associate Joins the Anthro-Tech Team!

We are delighted to welcome Rebecca Phillips to the Anthro-Tech team as a UX Research Associate. Rebecca is passionate researcher who helps organizations thrive with data-driven and personalized experiences for their users. She has a background in psychology, digital marketing, and design. Rebecca focuses on understanding others and solving problems by approaching research with a multi-disciplinary and human-centric approach.

Forever intrigued by the drive and complexity of humans, Rebecca holds her bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of Washington. She greatly enjoys the research process and the intersection between psychology, research and design.

When she's not working, you can find Rebecca walking her Bernedoodle, Theo, lurking around her local coffee shop, or reading books - especially books about philosophy or psychology.

Theo, a black and white Bernedoodle
Theo, a black and white Bernedoodle

We are excited to have Rebecca on our team, helping us to better serve our clients by infusing user-centered design into all products and services!

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