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Our new UXPA magazine article showcases the power of UCD

Diving deep to understand and improve the public transit rider experience.

In our recently published UXPA magazine article, we share how we dug into the Seattle public transit user experience, what we discovered, and how we designed solutions to meet the varied, shifting needs of the customer.

Over the course of several years, we partnered with one of Seattle’s public transit agencies, Sound Transit, and discovered just how complex the public transit user experience can be. Consider the variety of people who use public transit – from out-of-town tourists to daily commuters. Then factor in the tools they rely upon when navigating a journey including websites, mobile apps, ticket vending machines, and signage. There is a lot to explore here, making this an ideal space to leverage our user-centered design approach.

Implementing a variety of research and design methodologies, we dug deep to understand what’s happening today for public transit users in order to uncover better ways to support their future journeys.

Check out the full story: Illuminating the Journey: Improving Public Transit Rider Experience

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