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Meet the Team: Wendy Littman, Senior User Experience Researcher

is a versatile user experience (UX) researcher and strategist who is passionate about helping our clients find simple, creative solutions that achieve better outcomes. Curious, patient, and collaborative, Wendy particularly enjoys introducing clients to the art and science of good design through data-driven decision making and coaching those who are new to UX as they learn the ropes.

Tell us about your background and what led you to work at Anthro-Tech (A-T)?

I began my professional life heading toward a career in academia as a geoscience professor. I loved being out in the field and even got to go down to Antarctica as part of my master’s work! But after a couple years counting diatoms in a windowless lab, I reevaluated that plan and took a science communications job at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory where I was introduced to the world of UX. Intrigued, I attended a UX conference and saw Anthro-Tech present a case study of a website redesign they completed using the Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach – it blew my mind, and I decided then and there that, 1.) this was the profession for me, and 2.) I was going to find a way to work with Anthro-Tech.

I made a pitch to bring them on board to help us out with a website redesign we were working on for the Department of Energy – success! I got to spend the next two years working alongside many talented A-Ters, learning the UX mindset, tools, and techniques as we did the work together. Their collaborative approach and eagerness to share their knowledge formed lasting friendships and effectively launched my own UX career.

A decade later, an opportunity opened to join Anthro-Tech as they began hiring staff from across the country with the pandemic-inspired rise in remote work. I eagerly applied and the rest is history!

What does a typical workday at A-T involve for you?

My typical day is filled with a lot of variety. I work with our team of experts on a range of social impact projects, and get to wear different hats depending on the needs of the project.

A typical day might include:

  • Advising a client on research techniques that would best help us understand the needs of low-income renters,
  • Coaching one of our research associates as they design a study, or
  • Drafting conversational content for a chat bot.

I am always learning new skills – for example, right now I’m leading the change management effort on a redesign of a state park website. Life at A-T is never boring.

What is your favorite thing about working at A-T?

Hands down, the people and the mission. Anthro-Tech hand picks our staff to ensure they fit well with our core values of:

  • Help others succeed
  • Set the bar high
  • Be optimistic AND face the brutal facts
  • Continually learn and grow expertise
  • Passionate about making an impact

Without exception, I’ve found my A-T colleagues to be amazing thought partners - thoughtful, humble, creative, and passionate about making life better for people (both the customers we’re designing for and for the organizations we work with).

I also find it deeply rewarding to work with organizations that have a social impact mission, and especially appreciate the enthusiasm our clientsbring to our collaboration together.

What are your hobbies outside of work?

  • Sports that require you to focus or something bad happens – like karate and mountain biking
  • Hiking and canyoneering in the desert southwest
  • Photography
  • Carving necklaces and other pendants from antler
  • And recently – pickleball!

Wendy's Hobbies

Wendy’s insightful, thoughtful, and data-driven research helps our clients achieve and provide a superior customer experience. Her ability to navigate and simplify large complex problems using the HCD approach ensures our clients success.

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