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Meet the Team: Nikki Gagliardo, Senior User Experience Designer at Anthro-Tech

Meet Nikki, Senior User Experience (UX) Designer at Anthro-Tech!

Nikki partners with clients and team members to design usable digital products and compelling user experiences. Her passion is delivering thoughtful design solutions informed by user research.

Tell us about your background and what led you to work at Anthro-Tech?

Prior to working at Anthro-Tech, I was working in the software development industry as the Creative Director at a small firm, bringing UX and Design practice into their workflows. I’d worked in the government sector for 10 years before that and spent some time as a freelancer as well.

I was introduced to Anthro-Tech by an old friend and was immediately drawn to the social impact mission. After speaking with some current employees there I knew I would thrive here. I was excited to work with a strong team full of inspirational women, who are all equally passionate about making an impact and helping others succeed.

What are some of the exciting projects you've worked on at Anthro-Tech?

My very first project at Anthro-Tech stretched my skillset and allowed me to apply my expertise to a new medium, Voice User Interface. We worked with a team to create a voice assistant powered by Amazon Alexa, that would help physicians navigate a new software platform in a work from home setting. It was really cool to know that this work was going to help people in important roles do their job more efficiently.

Currently, I’m leading an 18-month long project that is taking a Human-Centered Design approach to redesigning the Washington State Department of Licensing website. This is where Washingtonians go when they need to renew their driver’s license, vehicle tabs, or obtain a professional license. The current site is outdated and the UX needs improvement.

It’s been really rewarding to work with the awesome team at the Department of Licensing to learn about their users, gather data, and make informed decisions to drive the new site design. When I think about how many people this will reach in its lifespan, it gives me the chills!

What are three words to describe Anthro-Tech?

Anthro-Tech is a true team. I’ve worked in many working environments, and I have to say this is the most supportive and collaborative space I’ve been in yet. Out with COVID? Got a sick dog/cat/kid at home? Need help with project management? They’ve got your back – and not just your manager, the entire team is there to jump in and support wherever you need it – from the CEO, the admin team, and your peers.

Anthro-Tech is passionate. One of A-T’s core values is that we are passionate about making an impact – and everyone here really lives and breathes this. You’ll see co-workers watching the finer details of their work while they are on the clock working with clients, but also after hours taking on their own passion projects, side gigs and volunteer efforts that make an impact as well.

Anthro-Tech is human-centered. Not only do our client projects take on a human-centered approach, but this company walks the walk and talks the talk! What training will we offer during our quarterly team building day? Best way to find out is to survey the humans that will be taking the training – so they do it. How do they drive company decisions like what project management software to use and how to structure our file folders – well – they ask the people that have to use them, of course!

Nikki's hobbies

What are your hobbies outside of work?

I have a lot of hobbies that seem to come and go over the years – but a few that I tend to circle back to repeatedly! I love to be outdoors, so many of my hobbies get me off the sofa and into the woods or the mountain. I rock climb and am an avid hiker (always with a dog, my partner, or a few friends in tow!). You’ll find me on a standup paddleboard or lounging in the sand on the beach when the weather is hot! And when it’s just a little too cold or rainy outside, you might find me indoors on a yoga mat, slinging some clay on a pottery wheel or cooking a new recipe that uses every pot and pan in the kitchen.

Nikki is a passionate advocate for Human-Centered Design, ensuring that it is considered from end-to-end on our client projects. Her talent in UX Design helps organizations put intention behind the shapes, colors, and layouts they use so products are practical and usable. We are proud to have Nikki on our team!


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