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Meet the Team: Faith Kim, User Experience Research Associate at Anthro-Tech

Featured Team Member - Faith Kim, User Experience Research Associate at Anthro-Tech. Features her headshot on a dark blue background

Meet Faith, User Experience Research Associate at Anthro-Tech (A-T)! Faith is passionate about designing research plans, conducting research, and using the findings to build usable and accessible products and services for our clients.

How did you get into the UX industry?

During my studies at the University of Washington (UW) - Tacoma, I put in an application for the Global Innovation and Design (GID) Award. This award supports student participation in community design thinking projects, Human-Centered Design, and innovation work.

An Image of Faith Kim winning the University of Washington's Global Innovation and Design Award
The University of Washington - Tacoma shares an image of GID Awardee, Faith Kim alongside her colleague.

I ended up being an awardee for three quarters (the whole academic year). During this time, I helped facilitate design thinking workshops and worked with a start-up called COCO that consisted of students and faculty from all three campuses of UW. This experience encouraged me to learn more about the practical uses of UX in organizations and everyday life, which led me here to A-T where I continue to learn and practice these skills.

What does a typical workday at Anthro-Tech involve for you?

Currently, I am on two active Human-Centered Design projects; one is a Rolling Research program, and another is a website redesign project for the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL).

Rolling Research is a service A-T offers that allows our clients to get continuous customer feedback through ongoing, regularly scheduled research sessions. On this project, I help plan the research study, create discussion guides, facilitate or note take, analyze the findings, and create reports for our client. As Human-Centered Design consultants, we test multiple products or services in 60-minute research sessions and then summarize the insights and make data-backed recommendations on how to improve the user experience.

My role in the DOL website redesign project is to support our UX research team in various activities such as surveys, card sort studies, tree tests, and usability studies. These activities help us find any UX roadblocks or pain points and fix them before launching. Being involved in this project exposed me to many different research tools and techniques that I get to apply directly to the design of the website and see the impact it makes on usability and user-friendliness.

What is your favorite thing about working at Anthro-Tech?

We’re encouraged to ask many questions and there is no such thing as “a dumb question.” I appreciate the people at A-T always being open to help each other solve problems, talk something out, brainstorm, and more! Every day I see so many examples of our core value of “helping others succeed” and its very encouraging.

What are the values that drive you?

Creativity and empathy.

Creativity - Being in touch with my creative side is important to me and I try to practice creativity as much as I can whether it be at work through creative problem solving or expressing it through my hobbies like crocheting, baking, and other art forms. I love “art with instructions.” That’s why I enjoy things like crocheting and baking because they have instructions but also allow me to add my own style to it.

Empathy - I’ve always been an empathetic person. It comes in handy as a researcher sometimes, but it can also detract from thinking more logically. Even so, it’s a value that drives me to be more open-minded and understanding no matter what the setting is. At the end of the day, my hope is that my empathy helps others feel comfortable, safe, and more connected with themselves and people around them.

Faith's cat, Zeni's first time in a backpack.
Faith's cat, Zeni's first time in a backpack.

Faith and her partner on Halloween. Dressed as Kiki and Tombo, from the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service."
Faith and her partner on Halloween. Dressed as Kiki and Tombo, from the movie "Kiki's Delivery Service."

Faith’s enthusiasm for helping others shines through in her work with our clients. Her goal is to make every client’s product or service useful, usable, and accessible using evidence-based research. A creative problem-solver who excels in teamwork, we are proud to have Faith on the A-T team!


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