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Meet the Team: Alexis Church, Content Strategy & Design Consultant at Anthro-Tech

Meet Alexis, Content Strategy & Design Consultant at Anthro-Tech!

Alexis is passionate about simplifying communication. She helps our clients create content for their websites that is clear, concise, useful, and accessible. Alexis is our go-to coach and mentor for content strategy and sets our clients up for internal success long after a project ends.

Tell us about your background and what led you to work at Anthro-Tech

I have a background in digital marketing and content. I love working with clients to find the connections between content strategy and marketing to better serve their customers, while still meeting their business objectives. My MBA helps me connect tactics to strategy so that I can help clients execute on plans that we create together.

I’m originally from Olympia, WA, where Anthro-Tech is headquartered. When I heard about the cool work Anthro-Tech does in human-centered design I connected with them to see if there was a place for me on their team! First, I joined the team to work on marketing, but I found a niche in Content Strategy and transitioned to focus on client work.

What does a typical workday at A-T involve for you?

Typically, I work on government digital transformation projects often with our Senior Human-Centered Design Consultant, Camy. We work with our cross-functional team members to create usable and useful websites and other digital services for customers.

This can involve collaborating with our Organizational Change Manager, Nelly to get stakeholder buy-in to combine digital properties that live on different technology platforms (like CMS and applications). It might also mean working with our UX Researchers, like Claire or Renee, to get data about what website users need. We then use that research to make informed design decisions and share those findings with stakeholders. I also make sure the pages and content I’m creating are accessible, so you can find me messaging our Accessibility experts, Beth and Andrew, to answer a quick question about making a photo gallery accessible or tagging a PDF correctly.

One of the best parts of my job is setting up our clients’ internal teams to efficiently do their work. I think of it as removing barriers so they can get their jobs done! This means I do a lot of work establishing content workflows and governance, so things run smoothly, and content is consistent, purposeful, and has business value. I spend time thinking about how content creators will interact with the backend of the CMS or technology they are working with so they can seamlessly enter content and don’t have to jump through hoops to post to the website.

What is your favorite thing about working at Anthro-Tech?

I love the collaboration. I enjoy seeing my teammates from accessibility, research, design, change management, strategy, project management, and the client team come together and build something great. Even more so, I love seeing our clients get excited when they’ve made something a little bit easier for their customers and we can celebrate that together.

What are your hobbies outside of work

Outside of work, I take my basset hound, Bella, to the farmers market and afterwards we like to swing by the local pet store for some treats. Sometimes, we try to go camping, but Bella isn’t a fan of roughing it outside. I’m also learning more about gardening—I still haven’t found that perfect balance between overwatering and underwatering my plants!

Alexis' hobbies

Alexis’ passion for helping others shines through her work with our clients. She advocates for their best interests every day and not only tells but shows them how to put their best foot forward for their customers. Her expertise in content strategy is unmatched and we are lucky to have her on our team!


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