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User Experience Research Associate, Laura Wei, Joins Anthro-Tech

We are proud to welcome Laura Wei to the Anthro-Tech team as a User Experience Research Associate.

Laura is a usability and user-centered researcher passionate about creating inclusive and intuitive experiences for all. She integrates many different perspectives and opinions into her research and analysis. Her education, experience, and love for communicating and learning from others make her a curiously minded researcher.

Laura conducts qualitative and quantitative research to help organizations provide inclusive and accessible solutions for their users. Having worked with local government, nonprofits, and healthcare organizations in the past, Laura loves providing detailed research to help organizations that make a real impact for their users.

In her spare time, Laura enjoys listening to stand-up comedy, video editing, playing volleyball, and spending time with family and friends.

Inspired and motivated by social impact work, Laura seeks to help companies develop actionable changes while ensuring that nuances in users’ experiences and perspectives are incorporated. Please join us in welcoming Laura to the team!

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