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Welcome Hilary Reininger, User Experience Researcher, Helping Organizations Thrive at Customer Experience

Welcome to the team! Hilary Reininger, User Experience Researcher

Join us in welcoming Hilary Reininger, User Experience (UX) Researcher, who is helping organizations thrive at delivering great customer experiences.

Hilary is a mixed method UX Researcher who is passionate about designing and conducting user research to inform products and services that improve people’s lives. Using quantitative and qualitative research approaches, Hilary focuses on deeply understanding people’s goals, needs, pain points and context of use. At Anthro-Tech, Hilary collaborates with UX designers, digital accessibility specialists, content strategists and organizational change managers to put users at the center of the design process.

Prior to Anthro-Tech, Hilary conducted policy research for government and commercial clients, especially on issues dealing with disinformation, voting, and organizational change management. During this time, Hilary earned her Ph.D. from the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Public Policy Analysis. Her dissertation researched and recommended user-centered policies that social media companies could employ to help their users resist false information during elections.

When Hilary is not improving product usability or researching user-centered solutions, you can find her running outside in search of beautiful views, reading current events, figuring out her Silhouette cutter before making a personalized gift, and melting all over inside as she spends time with her new baby boy.

We are excited to have Hilary on our talented team. Her passion for User-Centered Design helps our clients create products and services that put the user’s experience at the forefront.

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