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Introducing Adam Bove, Director of Business Development at Anthro-Tech

Adam Bove, Director of Business Development at Anthro-Tech

We’re pleased to announce Adam Bove as our Director of Business Development. Adam is responsible for building and expanding relationships with new and existing clients and partners throughout the U.S. and internationally.

Adam is a high-performing leader with 12+ years of experience in sales and business development, especially in working directly with nonprofits and public sector organizations. He is passionate about helping organizations advance their mission through human-centered product and service design.

As Director of Business Development at Anthro-Tech, Adam prioritizes his clients’ needs to understand and achieve their goals and desired outcomes. Using the Human-Centered Design philosophy, and through learning about his clients’ strategic vision, he guides them on a journey to prioritize the customers’ experience; and further, how to model that for every project, product, or service they create.

Adam believes that strategic decisions should be informed by data, allowing outcomes to be measured and iterated on. Services he offers through our expert team include user research, usability testing, UX design, content strategy, accessibility, rolling research, and organizational change management. Whether an organization is looking to increase donations, increase interactions with their website, or collaborate more effectively with their constituents, he can lead the change.

Contact us to schedule a 20-minute no-obligation chat with Adam to learn how your organization can save time, money, and stress – while improving your customer’s experience.

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