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Anthro-Tech to Present on Anthropologists in Human-Centered Design

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Date: November 9-13, 2022

Location: In-person at the Washington State Convention Center in Seattle, WA or online

Register: American Anthropological Association (AAA) Registration Page

User Experience Researcher, Olive Minor, will be facilitating an all-star panel session entitled, “Unsettling UX: Opportunities and Challenges for Anthropologists in Human-Centered Design” at the 2022 American Anthropological Association (AAA) Annual Meeting.

A growing number of anthropologists are joining the Human-Centered Design (HCD) and User Experience (UX) fields. Our panel will address the economic and employment realities at play, and discuss the opportunities and challenges created by a large movement of anthropologists out of academia and into HCD and UX.

This presentation will host anthropologists who have created careers in HCD and UX research, discussing:

  • Opportunities and challenges for academic anthropologists entering the industry
  • How anthropologists can translate their training and skills into HCD and UX research
  • How anthropologists can use our training to “unsettle” the field in positive ways

Our all-star panelists include:

  • Matt Artz, host of the “Anthro to UX” and “Anthropology in Business” podcasts
  • Suzanne Boyd, Founder and CEO of Anthro–Tech, a Human-Centered Design consultancy focused on government agencies, nonprofits, and enterprises
  • Tracy Johnson, Senior Program Officer for User Experience at the Gates Foundation
  • Paige Nuzzolillo, Senior User Experience Researcher at Indeed
  • Julia Wignall, Manager of Experience Insights & Design at Seattle Children’s Hospital
  • Lauryl Zenobi, author of “I want a UX job: how to make a career change into UX research”

Join us in learning about establishing a career path in HCD and UX research!

Register for this event featuring industry speakers and experts by visiting AAA’s Registration Page.

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