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Hannah Staton, Organizational Change Manager Joins Anthro-Tech

Hannah is an accomplished Organizational Change Manager (OCM) who specializes in guiding organizations through periods of transformation. With a background in strategic communications, Hannah offers a unique storytelling perspective to convey the Human-Centered Design (HCD) journey, ultimately facilitating the path to organizational success.

As an eternal optimist with a remarkable ability to invigorate teams, Hannah made the transition to Anthro-Tech after dedicating over a decade to technology and design communications. OCM presented an exciting opportunity for her to leverage her communication skills within the realm of Human-Centered Design, playing a pivotal role in shaping project outcomes. Notably, during her initial project with Anthro-Tech, Hannah masterminded the communications strategy for the long-awaited launch of the Department of Licensing's first new website in 17 years, serving over 7 million residents in Washington state.

Hannah's ability to inspire confidence and clarity in people during times of change is a testament to her professionalism and expertise. Her passion for providing organizations with the tools they need to succeed is evident in her work, and her dedication to the HCD process is an asset to any project.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Hannah dedicates her free time to designing gardens and coaching people in cultivating their own food and fostering pollinator habitats. She also has two very big, very fluffy cats that rule her world.

Join us in welcoming Hannah to the team!

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