Department of Labor & Industries

Creating A Seamless Online Experience For Customers

The Problem

Over a 3-year period, the Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) saw an 820% increase in logins to the 40+ secure online services, but logging in is only half the battle. Employers in Washington State pay premiums, obtain licenses, and learn how to keep their workers safe via these services, and they’re eager for a consolidated place to do this and to communicate online with claims and account managers.

L&I set the goal to create a world-class experience that would serve as their customers’ online one-stop-shop for business with the agency, and that would strengthen their relationship with customers by building trust and increasing transparency.

The Solution

My L&I is the one-stop-shop where employers can see their status with L&I, take care of important tasks like paying premiums, and communicate via secure message with claims and account managers.


Everything in one place

Customers log in and get information on their workers’ comp account, claims, trades and licenses and learn about keeping their workers safe.


Secure messaging

Customers like options with how they communicate with the agency, and now they can message and send documents to account managers to take care of account-related business, and claims managers if their company has open claims.


Internal change agent

My L&I is the change agent that is helping to unite the silo’ed agency, systems, and is nurturing the practice of placing the customer in the center of product development and process.


Catering to all customers

L&I launched for employers in Winter 2016. Anthro-Tech continues to partner with L&I to create this online experience for other key user groups, including injured workers and medical providers.

Early Wireframes

Facts & Figures

  1. 163,000 Total State-fund Businesses
  2. 7 Usability Studies
  3. 54 Usability Study Session Participants
  4. 3 Participatory Design Workshops

Employers Are Talking

Employer Quotes from Usability Study #3

“It seems like a useful tool.”

“My L&I is pretty comprehensive. It has everything I can think of. It seems like it has everything covered.”

The Toolkit

Together with our partners at L&I, we worked through the user-centered design process and provided a variety of services to meet the final goal.

User Research

  1. Understanding user goals, top tasks, preferences for communicating with the agency
  2. Comparative analysis
  3. Contextual interviews with subject matter experts
  4. Surveying: approximately 1500 responses from customers on communications preferences
  5. Participatory design workshops: 3 collaborative research & design workshops with over 50 L&I staff members


  1. Information architecture and screen flow
  2. Low-fidelity wireframes
  3. Annotated prototypes
  4. Weekly, small-team collaborative design studios


  1. 2 Low-fidelity paper prototype studies
  2. 3 Digital prototype studies
  3. 2 Functional prototype studies

Visual Design

  1. Partnered with L&I to provide visual design direction and consulting


  1. Guidance on enterprise customer experience strategy