Rolling Research Program

Rolling Research is a light-weight and fast-paced approach to answer research questions and get customer feedback at a regular cadence.

If your organization believes insights from customers should drive the design of products and services but you struggle to get the time, money, resources, and buy-in to make that happen as often as you need, a Rolling Research program is for you.

What is Rolling Research?

Rolling Research programs ensure you get continuous customer feedback through ongoing, regularly scheduled research sessions.

We work with you to:

  • Customize a program that meets your unique needs
  • Identify and establish recruitment criteria for your customers
  • Set a schedule for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly research sessions

Why Rolling Research?

  • Fast and effective - constant feedback from users helps speed up product development
  • Minimize waste - avoid building features that users don't need
  • Innovate - get new ideas and solutions to improve the customer experience
  • Integrate- have research become a default part of the process

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