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Anthro-Tech Wins 4 Communicator Awards for Government Website Redesign

Anthro-Tech celebrates a remarkable achievement as the proud recipient of four esteemed 2023 Communicator Awards. Our website redesign work with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) garnered recognition in multiple categories including Best Government Website, User Experience, Structure and Navigation, and Website Redesign.

These coveted accolades celebrate our expertise in crafting a Government Website that seamlessly connects with citizens, a User Experience that delights and captivates, a Structure and Navigation that empowers seamless exploration, and a Website Redesign that leaves a lasting impression.

About the Communicator Awards

The Communicator Awards is a leading international program that recognizes excellence in communication across various industries. The Awards honor talent and innovation in this highly competitive field, receiving thousands of entries from companies and agencies of all sizes. In their 29th season, they aim to prioritize clear and impactful storytelling. The Awards value work that goes beyond skill, making a lasting impact and giving equal opportunities to all entrants.

Winning Project: Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Website Redesign, Phase 1

Our winning project focused on the Phase 1 redesign of the DES website ( We collaborated with DES to improve usability, achieve business objectives, modernize the look and feel, and align with evolving customer needs. Using the Human-Centered Design approach, our team of experts in UX research, design, content strategy, and accessibility ensured that the new website would be both useful and user-friendly.

The result is a mobile-friendly, accessible website with a revamped information architecture that prominently showcases DES products and services. Clear calls-to-action guide customers on how to engage with DES, while a visual rebranding creates a cohesive brand identity that highlights the agency's diverse offerings.

The launch of Phase 1 received rave reviews for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Customers now find it easier to discover and understand the services provided by DES, thanks to reduced content and intuitive design. Self-service options empower customers, saving time and effort for both them and the agency, while fostering trust and satisfaction with DES.

Making impactful change together

We are proud be a part of these important social impact projects with our clients. We thank the Communicator Awards for recognizing this impactful project and we extend our appreciation to the DES team and all the customers who contributed to the design process. Together, we’re making meaningful change.

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