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Anthro-Tech Wins Muse Awards for Best UX & Government Website

At Anthro-Tech, our pas­sion for cre­at­ing excep­tion­al cus­tomer expe­ri­ences is at the core of our work. This year, we achieved a dou­ble vic­to­ry, earn­ing two Muse Awards that under­score our ded­i­ca­tion to push­ing the bound­aries of dig­i­tal design and human-cen­tric experiences.

Muse Award banner with text: Anthro-Tech wins two 2023 Muse Awards, Best User Experience, Best Government Website

At Anthro-Tech, our passion for creating exceptional customer experiences is at the core of our work. This year, we achieved a double victory, earning two Muse Awards that underscore our dedication to pushing the boundaries of digital design and human-centric experiences. We secured awards in the categories of Best User Experience (UX) and Best Government Website through our collaboration with the Washington State Department of Enterprise Services on their human-centered website redesign project. By improving our clients’ branding, voice and tone, articulation of services, and customer engagement, we solidified our position within these victories.

About the Muse Creative Awards

The Muse Creative Awards is a prestigious international advertising awards platform, celebrating excellence and innovation in the realms of creative design, advertising, and digital media. Bringing together artists, designers, and creative professionals from around the world, the award honors the extraordinary craft that shapes compelling narratives and leaves a lasting impact on audiences.

MUSE recognizes the inspirational force behind the artistic projects that push boundaries and set new standards.

Winning Project: Washington State Department of Enterprise Services (DES) Website Redesign

Our winning project focused on the Phase 1 redesign of the DES website ( We collaborated with DES to improve usability, achieve business objectives, modernize the look and feel, and align with evolving customer needs. Using the Human-Centered Design approach, our team of experts in UX research, design, content strategy, and accessibility ensured that the new website would be both useful and user-friendly.

Four device screens showing the DES website in various formats
We helped DES become more accessible and customer-friendly.

The result is a mobile-friendly, accessible website with a revamped information architecture that prominently showcases DES products and services. Clear calls-to-action guide customers on how to engage with DES, while a visual rebranding creates a cohesive identity that highlights the agency's diverse offerings.

The launch of Phase 1 received rave reviews for its simplicity and user-friendliness. Customers now find it even easier to discover and understand DES services thanks to reduced content and intuitive design. Their improved self-service options also empower customers by saving time and effort, while fostering trust and satisfaction.

Making Impactful Change Together

By revamping their online presence, we've helped DES become more accessible and customer-friendly- empowering citizens to access vital government services and information with ease. Together, we can create digital experiences that leave a lasting social impact that fosters transparency, accessibility, and effectiveness in your services.

We are proud to be a part of these important social impact projects with our clients and thank the Muse Creative Awards for recognizing this impactful project. We also extend our appreciation to the DES team and all the customers who contributed to the design process. Together, we’re making meaningful change.