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Reducing Frustration While Paying for Public Transportation

Case Study


Mobile phone and CapMetro card.
Researcher working with a blind test subject on a bus.
CapMetro logo on a bus.

The Problem

CapMetro aimed to enhance transportation options in Central Texas but encountered issues with its existing mobile app and platforms. These systems lacked user-friendliness, accessibility, and effective navigation, making it challenging for people with disabilities and non-English speakers to use. This negatively impacted customer experience, undermining CapMetro's mission.

To address these challenges, Bytemark, the app developer for CapMetro, consulted Anthro-Tech for expertise in user experience and digital accessibility.

Three researchers at a bus stop conducting interviews with two subjects

The Anthro-Tech team conducting field research for Cap Metro. 

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The Solution

Anthro-Tech and Bytemark joined forces to enhance the Customer Web Portal and mobile app by identifying and addressing key issues. We carried out three rounds of usability testing to validate user groups, pinpoint navigational problems, improve metro card management, and refine terminology.

Between each round of testing, we conducted automated and manual accessibility evaluations against WCAG 2.1 AA standards to address issues that prevent people with disabilities from easily working with the app and portal.

To study the end-to-end experience, we conducted a pre-launch usability study at an Austin, Texas bus station, involving customers with disabilities and Spanish-speaking users.  

Our researchers observed how environmental challenges, such as heat, noise, and distractions, directly impacted customers’ experience with the app.

The study resulted in a comprehensive analysis of how well the app supports transit customers on the go and identified improvements to be made before launch.

Two researchers conducting an interview in front of a bus with two subjects

Our comprehensive analysis identified improvements to be made before launch.

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The Impact

CapMetro now features a thoroughly tested design that accommodates its diverse customer base, including non-native English speakers and people with disabilities. This research produced evidence-based recommendations that enhance usability and elevate customer satisfaction across their platforms.

The three rounds of iterative testing delivered a 10% increase in customer task completion. This means that more customers can now easily purchase, load, and manage their CapMetro rider cards, and navigate the portal and mobile app with greater efficiency.