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Understanding Customer Life Experiences to Transform Federal Services

Tune in to listen to Nelly Kinsella discuss the progress government agencies have made towards the President’s Executive Order - released over a year ago. The Order focuses on transforming social, financial, and health services provided by government agencies during significant life events. These events include retirement, disaster recovery, military to civilian transitioning, low-income women and children (birth and early childhood), and financial shock.

A coalition of government agency leaders called the President’s Management Council, has prioritized these five life experiences. Learn how they’re working towards changing the status quo to create a more customer-centric experience. To keep up to date with progress, visit for updates, information, and quarterly reports. See the value being delivered to customers and stakeholders.

About Nelly Kinsella, Organizational Change Manager at Anthro-Tech

Nelly is an experienced communications strategist with a knack for digital engagement. She has led or supported the launch and maintenance of nearly a dozen digital products, including informational and educational websites, intranets, and highly integrated web and mobile applications. She loves to untangle knots, learn on-the-fly and pull apart the components of complicated situations.

Nelly holds Masters degrees in both Health Administration and Public Health Policy, as well as a graduate certificate in User-Centered Design (UCD) from the University of Washington. She is a scrum-certified product owner and practitioner of agile development.

Fueling Nelly's role as Organizational Change Manager at Anthro-Tech is her passion for coaching teams in UCD tools and process. Specifically, she is motivated to get organizations with a social-impact mission to harness the power of user personas and relentlessly enhance the customer experience.

About Anthro-Tech

Anthro-Tech is a human-centered design consultancy focused on government agencies, nonprofits and enterprises with a social impact mission. We provide user-centered design strategy, user research, and user experience design to organizations throughout the region and across the nation. We help organizations gain a deep understanding of their customers through research to design products and services that are usable, useful and make a positive impact on people’s every-day lives. Anthro-Tech has extensive experience leading customer strategy initiatives and transforming organizations to be more customer-centric.

Over the past 20 years we’ve partnered with dozens of organizations to transform how they engage their customers, including over 30 county, state and federal government organizations, Goodwill, Amazon, Sound Transit, 7-Eleven, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

Anthro-Tech has been in business for 25 years with offices located in Olympia & Seattle, Washington where we also operate our usability labs, training center, and client collaboration spaces. We are a proud women-led business with certifications through WBENC.

Is your agency ready to tackle the mandates in this Executive Order? We are here to assist!

Let us seamlessly guide you through the human-centered design process and build products and services that work for the American public.

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