Tom Ryle

Senior UX Designer


Tom Ryle

Senior UX Designer

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From an early age, Tom’s innate curiosity about how things work and human behavior shaped his diverse career in product design and user experience (UX). His work spans military, production manufacturing, consumer products, outdoor gear, medical devices, enterprise servers, and patented technology/logistics innovations. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from Western Washington University and is a US Veteran (USN-R).

Tom joined Anthro-Tech’s talented UCD team in May 2015, and is focused on client web applications, web sites, and public transportation projects with a eye toward digital technology. His approach to Design is grounded in understanding the context-of-use, leveraging proven research methods to inform an iterative design process that yields consensus-building concepts and solutions. Prior to Anthro-Tech, Tom led UX and Design initiatives at Intel Corporation and Amazon.

A lifelong outdoorsman, Tom has an insatiable love of the outdoors and wild places. He enjoys volunteering with wildlife and habitat conservation organizations, all things fishing/hunting/backpacking/camping, archery & coaching, and spending time outdoors with friends and family.

First creative memory

As a kid, I loved the lore and history of Native Americans and more specifically, making bows and arrows. So I would often head into the woods behind our house and fashion my own bows from maple limbs (and my dad's stash of fishing line). To this day, I'm still crafting and shooting primitive & traditional bows.

Path that lead you to UX

As a practicing Industrial Designer, UX was inherently part of the design process. Over the past 10-15 years, UX has become autonomous as a stand-alone discipline. Today, UX is often associated with web sites or user interfaces, but in reality, UX is about the entire human experience with any product or service; how people learn of your product or service, how they participate, how it works, and what they tell their friends, family, and the world through social media.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

Working with a lot of talented people on a broad collection of inspiring projects and opportunities to make the world a better place.

Work of which you're most proud

Projects where lasting culture change resulting in improved products and end-user experiences.

Your style

I strive to form trusted partnerships because I believe people and relationships are more important than job titles and projects.

Design or UX hero

c, German Industrial Designer who coined the quote, "Good design is as little design as possible."

Your idea of happiness

Spending quality time and making memories with friends and family.

Favorite place in the world

I've traveled quite a bit and been to some inspiring places but I feel blessed to live in the Pacific Northwest.

What have you learned

I've learned that you never stop learning.


Gig Harbor, Washington

Alternative universe career(s)

Custom bowyer (archery bow) maker and/or wildlife biologist.

Anything else?

As I kid, I wanted to be Jaques Cousteau and study sharks, but that job was already taken.

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