Shelly Smith

User-Centered Design Consultant


Shelly Smith

User-Centered Design Consultant

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Shelly brings a multidisciplinary approach to her projects as a User-Centered Design Consultant. She is passionate about connecting people with vital services and programs and believes excellent design is critical to peoples' lives. Her approach includes a wide variety of design practices, always keeping the people at the heart of the project.

Prior to joining Anthro-Tech, Shelly worked for the United States Digital Service, the City of Seattle, and Sound Generations, a Seattle-based non-profit. She brings deep experience with government organizations and has worked with a variety of local and federal agencies on digital products. Shelly holds a Bachelor of Fine Art from the Columbus College of Art and Design.

Outside of her UX practice, Shelly is a microbiological artist, making a variety of illustrations and paintings based on life found in water and soil samples. She also trains in Kajukenbo, a mixed martial art, and is an assistant instructor. Shelly enjoys exploring the diverse landscapes of Washington state.

First creative memory

Making designs with nuts, pinecones, seeds, and grasses I gathered in my yard. I have always been a collector of specimens, with pockets full of shells, rocks, and other treasures.

Design or UX hero

Susan Kare, one of the founding design technologists and the creator of the Apple Macintosh icons. Much of the visual language of modern computing comes from her designs and pictorial language. She's had an amazing career and I continue to enjoy her playful approach and emphasis on understandability.

What you ultimately want to accomplish

I would love to visit all of the major deserts on the planet, including the Antarctic ice fields. So far, I've visited the Arctic, Great Basin, Mojave, and Sonoran deserts. I have many more places to explore!


There is a Latin phrase "omnia probate quod bonum tenete" which means "test everything, keep the good" and I definitely use this as my personal approach to life, work, art, and citizen science. Keep what serves us well!

Alternative Universe Career

Planet biome designer, human-plant ambassador, or just running a little roadside cafe in the Mojave.

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