Rick Allen

Content Strategy and Design Consultant


Rick Allen

Content Strategy and Design Consultant

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Rick advocates for useful, usable digital experiences that communicate clearly. But even more, he’s motivated by the potential for content to make meaningful connections with audiences and to inspire positive change. This means purposeful and sustainable content that people care about. In fact, he’s thinking about that somewhere right now. At heart, Rick’s a storyteller. He has undergraduate and graduate degrees in writing and publishing and has taught graduate courses at Emerson College on digital publishing and content strategy. Helping others to craft and tell their story has shaped Rick’s career. Branding, content strategy, and information architecture are Rick’s jam. For over a decade, he’s consulted with organizations across numerous industries to create valuable, human-centered experiences that help content owners do great work and keep it going. After work, Rick enjoys mountains and hiking, and reading with ginger tea. And laughing. Laughing is great.

First creative memory

Feeling stuck on what to write about in my 3rd grade English class—and then learning to “just start writing.”

Biggest fear

That I forgot to remove my goofy Zoom background image before a work call.

What have you learned

“Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans.” - John Lennon

It may surprise you

As much as I love content, I love cutting it more.

Alternative universe career

Photojournalist. Telling stories without any words! Amazing.

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