Misty Weaver

Content and information architecture strategist

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Misty Weaver

Content and information architecture strategist

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Misty is a passionate advocate for organized content. Her work combines theory and practical solutions from user-centered design, information architecture, and content strategy to help build effective and engaging content. She takes a community-driven, collaborative approach to all phases of user experience and content design.

From metadata to Oxford Commas, her love of all things information started at the Information School at the University of Washington. After receiving her Master in Library and Information Science, she remains active at the iSchool as part-time lecturer in the Informatics program. She also volunteers with Content Strategy events around the U.S. and loves to learn about the latest research and best practices in the field.

When she isn't geeking out about information or content design, Misty is an avid traveler and fan of public transportation. Her favorite evening outing is to write country songs while riding the Amtrak Cascades.

First creative memory

Performing magic tricks for my parents friends and doing a much better job of making them laugh than astonishing them with sleight of hand. So, I switched to stand up comedy when I was 9.

Path that lead you to user experience

Working in communications for a growing nonprofit field, I was lucky to learn about service design early in my career. It inspired me to go to graduate school and learn how to rock at working on the internet, librarian-style.

Work of which you're most proud

Using a content audit to reduce the amount frustrating experiences on the web for cancer patients.

Design or user experience hero

Ginny Redish.

Alternative universe career(s)

Lounge singer in an outer space bar.

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