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Melanie Penney

User Researcher

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Melanie wants to make a meaningful difference in the way humans engage with technology. She exercises her powers of observation and empathy to advocate for users, one design decision at a time. After earning her bachelor's degree in Applied Behavior Analysis, Melanie spent 5 years helping children with Autism and their families identify and achieve educational and developmental goals. Now, she is applying her experience and continuing her education with a master's in Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE) at the University of Washington.

When she's not heads-down analyzing data from the latest study, Melanie likes to identify species of birds, speculate about what people will be wearing in the future, and make plans to adopt a greyhound.

Biggest influences

Bill Buxton. Bill Nye. Beyoncé.

Your style

Near future

Cause that means the most to you

The education and empowerment of women

Favorite artist

M.C. Escher

What you ultimately want to accomplish

Ditching my ego to become the best listener possible


Feelings are facts.

Your idea of happiness

The 1,000 layer french toast at Row House

Favorite place in the world

Sitting by the canal in Fremont

Can't live without

8 hours of sleep

Favorite Podcast

Invisibilia is about human behavior and the invisible forces that influence it. I can't wait for more episodes to come out.

What have you learned

Research is fun.

It may surprise you

When I pop out from a cabinet


Corsicana, Texas

Alternative universe career

In another universe, I am a landscape architect.

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