Lani Hathaway

Senior User-Centered Design Consultant


Lani Hathaway

Senior User-Centered Design Consultant

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Lani is a user centered design consultant who collaborates with teams to create seamless, integrated cross-channel user experiences. She unifies sprawling web properties, improves in-house tools, and simplifies disorganized, large-scale architectures. She engages clients by planning and leading user centered design projects throughout the development lifecycle. She captures business goals, research customers, conducts usability tests, and leads collaborative design sessions and content strategy workshops. Lani specializes in designing engaging experiences and bringing first-hand knowledge from projects in entertainment, e-commerce, software, education, and e-government.

First creative memory

Playing with legos, cardboard boxes and Lincoln logs. I love building and engineering things!

Path that lead you to UX

College. Once I found my major, I knew user experience work was what I wanted to do. I enjoyed UX classes and working in a virtual reality lab, basically being at the intersection of people and technology.

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

Exciting, evolving, empathetic

Cause that means the most to you

Human rights

Favorite artist

Too many to pick a favorite famous artist. I always looked up to my grandpa, who plays banjo and influenced my musical siblings.

What you ultimately want to accomplish

Collaborating on an invention, technology or process that solves one of the world's complex problems

Biggest fear

Free falling, bungie jumping, sling shot rides you see at the fair and in Vegas

What defines you


Your idea of happiness

Feeling content, being in the flow, enjoying life's moments

Can't live without

Family, food and water. Water, seriously gotta live near water.

Favorite movie / TV show / podcast

Ray Donovan, Ascension, Modern Family

What have you learned

To earn respect, stay grounded when things are flying.

It may surprise you

I curl, yes the sport on ice. I am a football fan. I'm oldest of six kids and my family means the world to me. In my spare time, I love to spend time with those I love, explore the outdoors, keep in touch with friends across the globe, and enjoy creative hobbies such as crocheting, knitting and making jewelry.


Maple Valley, WA

Alternative universe career(s)

Astronaut, sports team owner, wine maker, bed and breakfast owner, island boat charter owner (ha! these are fun to think about)

Spirit animal


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