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Kristina believes that good design is defined by a balancing act between user research, creativity, and thoughtful collaboration.

Kristina graduated with a degree in Architecture from Cal Poly SLO and then spent four years designing schools, gathering
spaces and homes in award-winning architecture firms in Seattle. Through her engagement in the local design community
over several years, she was exposed to a new way of approaching design and met many inspirational designers and mentors
along the way. Her curiosity and passion for user-centered design inspired her to earn a Masters in Human-Computer
Interaction + Design at the University of Washington. There she built a solid foundation in user-centered design and fueled
her growing passion for designing with a deeper understanding of human behavior. At Anthro-Tech, Kristina enjoys learning
from and collaborating with a diverse team and tackling impactful design challenges.

Mountains and trails, yoga, and painting keep her inspired outside of work.

First creative memory

Drawing with crayons on my father's architecture drawings

Your career thus far, in a nutshell

Designing meaningful experiences for others

Biggest influences

"Yes, and" mentalities, and trusting the process

Design or UX hero

Swiss Architect, Zumthor


Start where you are

Favorite place in the world

Big Sur, California

What have you learned

The more I learn, the more I know I don't know


Newport Beach, California

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