Katharine Frazier

UX Research Operations Coordinator

Katharine Frazier

Katharine Frazier

UX Research Operations Coordinator

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  • University of North Carolina at Greensboro, Master of Science, Library & Information Science, Greensboro, North Carolina, 2020
  • University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Bachelor of Arts, English, Chapel Hill, North Carolina, 2017

As UX Research Operations Coordinator, Katharine is committed to making every research project for our clients a success. At Anthro-Tech, she supports end-to-end research studies through user sourcing, participant engagement, and logistical coordination.

With a background in data analysis and automation, she combines technical skills with her curiosity and drive to understand user needs to create systems that empower research teams. Katharine also brings experience conducting user research from her past as an academic librarian, where she fell in love with learning about people's unique perspectives and applying research insights to build better, more inclusive tools. Outside of work Katharine is an avid baker, hiker, and bookshop explorer. She delights in photographing the mushrooms she and her partner find on nature walks and is always looking forward to the next espresso.

Path that led you to UX

One day, when working in academic libraries, I got very frustrated over how difficult it was to work with some of the tools and products my team used -- frustrated enough to script my way out of a problem by automating a core data collection process with Python. This was my light bulb moment when I realized that things can and should change if they're not working: I started advocating for and working toward improvements instead of blaming myself for not "getting it." I got involved in user research at that library and was introduced into a world where I could learn about other people's frustrations and be a part of the solution. I love helping others realize that they, as users, aren't the problem: it's the tool that should change to accommodate people, and we can do that through UX research and HCD.

What defines you

What I call the "chess game mindset." Always think a few moves ahead, act with determination, and be prepared to adapt your strategy to changes.

Favorite movie/TV show/podcast

Early X-Files, especially the “monster of the week” episodes!

It may surprise you

That I've held a real-life pelican. I was part of Audubon North Carolina for many years, and the best (also stinkiest!) part was banding pelican chicks in their river island nests so they could be tracked into adulthood. Baby pelicans are BIG, angry, and not afraid to throw up half-digested fish onto you.


Wilmington, North Carolina

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