Hilary Reininger

User Experience Researcher

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Hilary Reininger

User Experience Researcher

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  • Pardee RAND Graduate School, PhD in Public Policy Analysis, Santa Monica, CA, 2021
  • George Mason University, Master of Science in Conflict Analysis and Resolution, Fairfax, VA, 2016
  • Brigham Young University, Bachelor of Arts in Middle East Studies/Arabic, Provo, UT, 2012

Hilary is a mixed method UX Researcher who is passionate about designing and conducting user research to inform products and services that improve people’s lives. Using quantitative and qualitative research approaches, Hilary focuses on deeply understanding people’s goals, needs, pain points and context of use. At Anthro-Tech, Hilary collaborates with UX designers, digital accessibility specialists, content strategists and organizational change managers to put users at the center of the design process.

Prior to Anthro-Tech, Hilary conducted policy research for government and commercial clients, especially on issues dealing with disinformation, voting, and organizational change management. During this time, Hilary earned her Ph.D. from the Pardee RAND Graduate School in Public Policy Analysis. Her dissertation researched and recommended user-centered policies that social media companies could employ to help their users resist false information during elections.

When Hilary is not improving product usability or researching user-centered solutions, you can find her running outside in search of beautiful views, reading current events, figuring out her Silhouette cutter before making a personalized gift, and melting all over inside as she spends time with her new baby boy. She also loves listening to audiobooks. Topping her list lately have been Revolutionary War biographies, relationship and parenting books, researchers’ books on social trends, and memoirs of disinformation-mongers.

Path that led you to UX

For my PhD, I studied the spread of disinformation on social media during elections. I found many social media companies had policies that limited the source and the spread of disinformation, however, almost no policies helped the actual targets of disinformation, the users. I scoured social science research for ways to effectively communicate with users and help them resist disinformation. I then tested a research-informed, user-friendly intervention and found it helped users resist disinformation about elections! This emphasized to me the power of User-Centered Design and how much more successful messages, products, and services can be when users are accounted for in the design and delivery of products.

Your style

Organic and modern, but I’m a sucker for any good organizational system. I feel beauty in the presence of 3-1 dish soap caddies and bathroom sink-area organizers.


When I’m about to do something less than my best, I remember what great-grandma Clitheroe always used to say, “Those who are good at making excuses are rarely good at anything else.” Yikes! But so, motivating.

What defines you

If it's just one thing, it's probably learning and applying knowledge, especially learning how to better help myself and others.

Favorite place in the world

The Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. It has the trifecta: beaches, cenotes, and ruins, all in a lush forest with access to great food. Love it.

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