Faith Kim

UX Research Associate

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Faith Kim

UX Research Associate

  • 360-584-9151
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  • University of Washington, Bachelor’s Degree in Technical Communication, Tacoma, WA, Graduated 2021

Faith is a curious user-centered researcher who uses creativity and problem-solving skills to build seamless experiences for all. Faith is a three-time Global Innovation and Design award recipient and graduate of the University of Washington where she studied Technical Communication and Innovation and Design.

Faith conducts quantitative and qualitative research to help organizations understand their audiences and design products and services that are useful, usable, and accessible to people of all abilities. Faith’s strengths include developing research plans and strategies and then analyzing data to turn the research findings into action-oriented designs.

In her spare time, Faith enjoys thrift shopping to fulfill her oniomania, going to live concerts, and napping with her cat, Zeni. She also likes to adventure through her online worlds of Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing.

First creative memory

Making "paint" from crushing up flower petals in my front yard.

Path that led you to UX

One of my first UX tasks in university was to come up with "How Might We..." questions to solve design problems. I guess I haven't stopped thinking of HMW questions since.

Cause that means the most to you

Environmental sustainability!!!

Strength Finder themes

  • Empathizer
  • Coach
  • Thinker
  • Problem Solver

Alternative universe career(s)

Pastry chef by day, DJ by night.

Professional Involvement

  • Design Justice Network

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